Meet The New Linden Art Docks

Three Linden-area artists and designers make their mark on the community with custom CoGo docks.

Last year we put out a call for artists and designers living or working in the Linden neighborhood to submit their work to be featured on the newly placed CoGo bike share docking stations at three locations; the Linden Branch Library, St. Stephen's Community House and Linden Transit Center. Thank you to Columbus Public Health and the Better Bike Share Partnership for their commitment to community and their support of this program.

Three artists and designers were selected earlier this year and we're excited to share their impressive work with you today. This work showcases the creativity and resilience of the Linden community and the newly adorned docks take pride-of-place where neighbors will encounter them daily.

Let's meet the artists

Tiana Ferguson-Nieves

”I wanted to share my art with my
community, and give to a place that has
given so much to me.”

Bryant Anthony

“The design was inspired by the Pan-African flag designed by Marcus Garvey
in 1920. I wanted to honor the centennial celebration by
paying tribute to what Marcus Garvey created. I felt it a significant and
important time in America today, especially for African Americans, to see more
positive imagery.”

Kamar Kent

“Through my art, this is me giving flowers to my community
for raising me and all the people who call it home. My
connection to Linden is simple, I was born here, I went to
school here and nearly everyone I know including me still lives
here, it is all we know.”