#WomenWhoBike: Brooke W.

Brooke is a prime example of those who have a personal bike but also utilize the convenience of CoGo! Check out how she maneuvers around Columbus carless!

Your age: 27

Your occupation & a bit about you:

Owner of Verve Creative

My fiancé and I got rid of our car exactly a year ago this month. As a result, we use many multi-modal options, including biking. It was daunting at first and I wasn’t really sure. We decided to do a 3-month trial. Before you know it, a year has flown by and I personally think our quality of life has gone up dramatically as a result. In particular, I find biking to be by far the most rewarding of all transportation options and a great way to get some easy exercise in while getting fresh air. Biking definitely makes me happier. I wouldn’t describe myself as athletic, but I love the easy joy rides between the Short North to Downtown for a festival, or simply a commute that allows me to be fully present to the beautiful scenery that Columbus offers. You don’t need to be a bike fanatic to get these benefits. You just need to be willing to literally take time to smell the roses. And as we continue to grow as a city, there may even be some times that biking ends up being faster. It’s a great option and I am happy to be a part of the revival of biking in our city.

In which neighborhood do you live? Work?

Short North

Do you bike to get to work/school?


What other kinds of trips do you use your personal bike for?

I ride my bike to various bars and eateries in our neighborhood, as well as Downtown, and Franklinton.

How did you make those trips before you started bike commuting?

I would have normally driven my car or taken the bus.

Why did you enjoy commuting by bike?

It is a fun and active way to get around. I find that the more I bike, the happier I become and I enjoy the beautiful neighborhoods that Columbus offers. I am more present to the moment and feel like I am on a mini-adventure.

Any tips for newer bike commuters?

Get a Kryptonite lock, lights on your bike, and don’t be afraid of how to stick your bike on a COTA bus. It is easier than it looks.

Why did you decide to sign up for CoGo?

I have ridden CoGo several times but have paid day rates

What other kinds of trips do you use CoGo for?

I love taking CoGo bikes around when friends and family visit. There are stations at every destination point one would want to show off the city to their guests (including Jeni’s!).

How did you make those trips before CoGo started?

I used to just drive my friends and family from one place to another. Now, they fully experience Columbus and it is a great way to see the sights while really taking in the moments in between as well.

Any tips for newer CoGo members?

Bring bigger purses on those days, as smaller purses have a tendency to easily fall out of the basket on the handlebars.

Before CoGo, commuting was ______just necessary________, but now it’s ____an adventure_____.

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