#WomenWhoBike: Amelia C.

Take the pressure off and enjoy the exhilaration of biking! Read about Amelia's tips for new bike commuters.

Your age: 37

Your occupation & a bit about you: My name is Amelia. I’m a nature-lover, animal-lover, runner, hiker, bicyclist, city planner, and overall adventurer. I’ve biked my entire life, and started periodically bike commuting when I moved to Columbus 10 years ago.

In which neighborhood do you live? Work? I live in Victorian Village and work in the Brewery District just south of downtown Columbus.

Do you bike to get to work/school? I bike to get to work.

What other kinds of trips do you use your bike for? I bike to get to social and civic events such as festivals, sporting events, and meeting friends at restaurants and bars. I also bike to shopping destinations if my purchases will fit into my backpack or purse.

How did you make those trips before you started bike commuting? I would drive alone, take the bus, or walk.

Why did you enjoy commuting by bike? I enjoy commuting by bike for several reasons. I feel exhilarated when I arrive at my destination. I avoid the frustration of sitting in traffic when I am able to use alternate routes such as bike paths, and circumvent traffic on main road via bike lanes. I also like to experience my environment at the pace of bicycling – I notice different sights, scents, and sounds on bike. It also counts as exercise!

Any tips for newer bike commuters? My tip for a newer bike commuter is to not put too much pressure on yourself. You don’t have to bike commute every day and for every trip. You also don’t need all of the bells and whistles you might see other bike commuters donning – special outfits, special bags, etc. Do what works for you for where you are!

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