#WomenWhoBike: Cass F.

Can't commit to a bike commute everyday? You're still a #WomanWhoBikes! Read how Cass accomplishes her bike commute goal of 2 days a week!

Your age: 47

Your occupation & a bit about you: I do administration and special project work at the downtown special improvement districts.

In which neighborhood do you live? Work? I live in Clintonville and work downtown.

Do you bike to get to work/school? Yes, my goal is to bike to work two days a week.

What other kinds of trips do you use your bike for? I use my bike at work to pick up materials for welcome bags and run errands as well. I also use my bike to get to the library, the gym and short trips to the store.

How did you make those trips before you started bike commuting? I’ve been making some trips by bike instead of by car for a long time. When my kids were little, we would bike to the playground, library and friends’ houses. At first I would pull them, then we graduated to a tag-along and eventually their own bikes.

Why did you enjoy commuting by bike? I like being outside in the world and coming face to face with people. I love seeing people go about their daily routines, it makes me feel alive. I love hearing birds and insects, kids playing and planes flying overhead.

Any tips for newer bike commuters? Start small. Pick a nice day with few time constraints and ride to work.

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