#WomenWhoBike: Bridgette M.

Get to know your city by bike like Bridgette. Maybe you've seen her biking to meetings and farmers markets? #WomenWhoBike

Your age: 33

Your occupation & a bit about you:

Registered Dietitian

I love traveling, hiking, live music, good food, and spending time with my husband and cat, Oliver. I’m also passionate about helping people incorporate healthy behaviors (like biking!) into their daily lives.

In which neighborhood do you live? Work?

I live in Clintonville and work downtown.

Do you bike to get to work/school?

Yes, I bike to work as well as local meetings around the city.

What other kinds of trips do you use your bike for?

My husband and I love biking to destinations and events around town including farmers’ markets, coffee shops, parks, concerts, festivals, restaurants, movies, and more. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to get around Columbus. We also love exploring other cities by bike when we travel – so it’s great when they have bike share!

What kinds of trips do you use CoGo for?

When friends and family come into town, I love introducing them to CoGo. It’s so nice to be able to show them the city by bike.

How did you make those trips before you started bike commuting?

By car, but I definitely don’t miss it. I’ve been bike commuting since 2010, but have only lived in Columbus for the last 4 years. I know this city much better by bike than by car!

Why did you enjoy commuting by bike?

As a dietitian and public health professional, I’m obviously in favor of the health benefits. It easily fits into my daily routine as opposed to other forms of exercise. It’s also great for mental health. Driving in rush hour makes me angry and frustrated, while biking actually relieves the stress of the day. I also love saving money on parking and by-passing traffic jams. And it’s FUN!

Any tips for newer bike commuters?

Plan well and have fun! If you are feeling nervous, I definitely recommend reaching out to the Columbus non-profit, Yay Bikes! They provide a pretty extensive list of educational opportunities designed to get you riding comfortably and safely, no matter what your experience level. CoGo is also a great option for beginners, as you don’t have to worry about purchasing a bike, maintenance, or storage.

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